The Sun and the Moon

posted by: Julie

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I dag var en af de dage, hvor jeg blev nød til at skrive mine ord ned på vers:

She saw her footprints and they lead astray.
She guessed that they were looking for a brighter day
‘cause she knew for sure
This was not the life that she was looking for.

The night was falling, and all sun had gone.
Along with every heart that she had won
And the emptiness
had now become her like a tailored dress

He said, you’re pretty but not beautiful
I don’t know what it is that drags them all,
to the cross like flies.
As if they don’t know what they’ll sacrifice.

Is it the moonlight in your deep blue eyes?
Is it the promise to light up the nights?
And a dancing sun, to fill their minds
When all the dark has gone?

She answered softly with a fragile voice
I am confused, why do you have a choice?
Will my midnight web
not leave you hanging like iron grip?

She is the moon, and now the sun has gone
Along with the only heart she never won
But now she knows for sure
That suns are not what moons are searching for.


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